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CE (Conformity European) Mark Standard Certification is the integration of the European Union. Not guarantee the quality for CE certification, safety, health, environment, consumer protection and the relevant European standards and to comply with the terms of means, and manufactured products from outside the European Community and the European Community within the retail market, if you want to be must be attached to the CE mark. Compliance by the self-publicity, not force, and force Europe Region (European Economin Area) belongs to the free trade deal for the 28 Member States are required to have written. European Economic Area, located within the manufacturer or agency to agency position should give the CE marking and its products, which meet the relevant laws and regulations, and may indicate.
Match the country
European Union (EU): France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, ruksembeureukeu, England, Spain, porutukal, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Sweden, Finland


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Automobiles and automotive electronics seoin of the 72/245/EEC EMC guidelines that are published in November 1995 as amended by 95/54/EC, is applied to all related products. According to 95/54/EC, the product of the 'electromagnetic interference,' and 'electromagnetic immunity-related regulations to fit the design and manufacture of test and are required to make, and motor car itself and the electronic, electrical sub-assemblies and regulations for there is. Related products through the examination and approval, and attached to e Mark, EU and individual country has a separate code. (1 Germany, 2 France, 3 Italy, 4 The Netherlands, 5 Sweden, 6 Belgium, 9 Spain, 11 the United Kingdom, 12 Austria, 13 Luxembourg, 17 Finland, 18 Denmark, 21, Portugal 23, Greece), vehicles and vehicle parts manufacturer and exporter If you want the European market, the product must have to comply with the regulations on technology and safety, and domestic and international law applies to the inspection and approval of the products is done through. Applies to the items by the time difference, but from the automobile-related products in 2002 to 10 apply for the force said



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Rheinland Rheinland Technical Inspection Association (TUV Rheinland) and TUV-PS, as in Germany and is active at home and abroad. Certification system or about the application process, because both institutions are too similar, the differences described here only.


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Related products, all certified in any certification or forced, but the standardization laws and regulations, depending on the product or recognized technical rules require the use of manufactured products have been cases, inspection agencies, and users prefer that the product is certified to be tied it asks. The system is tied or open to all foreigners. In addition, the VDE standards or tests based on DIN standard, and a detailed test items, the frequency of the test on the rules and regulations of the VDE test is tied. VDE of the test results and certification system for mutual authentication with the agreement of the parties role of foreign and international organizations to perform

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SEMKO (The Swedish Institute for Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment) on the risk of fire or electric shock, mechanical risks, the skin burns and damage due to radiation, the risk of poisoning for the safety testing and inspection of electrical equipment, and the primary purpose of , the test of telecommunications equipment, video display screen test (MPR-II), EMC measurements, the brightness distribution of light from the measurement, the test based on the approval and agreement, specifications for building work and extensive cooperation, ranging from can.

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Electrical safety standards in accordance with Norwegian electrical equipment, electronic devices, such as forced to admit that the safety certification system

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DEMKO (Demarks Elektriske Materielkontroll) Denmark is a private organization established in 1924, was established in 1930 with the approval of the government was open for business. Denmark in the electrical machinery, equipment, accessories, DEMKO in front of most of the class is certified 핖yoro. Certification mark to display the products and all sales must DEMKO.

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The Ministry of Trade and Industry to perform work under the supervision of, and enforceable and is responsible for inspection and management. The purpose of FIMKO development, power transmission, distribution and use of electricity for the life and health risks, is to minimize the adverse impact on the environment. The purpose of the test electrical devices to the user and environment designed to prevent. To identify work and about the performance and quality will be excluded from the scope of the test.

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In 1901 by the national standards organizations and technical experts in the business of the establishment and spread of institutions was established, the name Engineering Standards Committee (Technical Standards Committee), said. After that, British Engineering Standards Association (UK Technical Standards Association) was to change the name. In addition, in 1929 Royal Charter (the establishment of royal order) from the formal, depending on the country was able to get something. Moreover, in 1931, Supplement Charter (edit ukase) by the current British Standards Institution (BSI) was the name change.






North South America

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UL(Underwriters Laboratory)

The Safety standards of the U.S. (according to the law in force region) UL 1894 that, Delaware attention by law, the property may affect the human body and about the dangerous materials, equipment, machinery, equipment, structure , technology, and the system of proof to the management, non-profit organization established to operate after being approved. At first, the number of electrical products, safety (risk of fire, etc.), professional analysis of the results provided to the insurance company, the insurance policy writing, or in the evaluation of risk, called the producer of the product improvements that reduce the use of insurance was. But the United States is a leader in the development of safety standards of the approximately 600 types of UL safety standards by the adoption and development, approximately 80% of the standards of the United States as the U.S. national standards (ANSI) has approved on. 5 major test facilities in the United States, UL and the federal government opened a liaison office, and engineering services to regional offices, approximately 200 locations in 14 locations and is the test center.


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Propagation and communication about the U.S. certification standards, the private sector is responsible for communication and electronic products that are unnecessary from the copy does not interfere with radio communications in the air are regulated. And wireless communications equipment, as well as peripherals such as wireless devices and computers and that can occur during use of electromagnetic energy, electrical / electronic devices in order to export to the United States must be FCC certified.


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CSA (Canadian Standards Association)

In Canada, the Canadian Standards Association (Canadian Standards association: CSA) and the creation of standards and certification services are conducted. October 1970, The Standards Council of Canada Act by the SCC (Standards Council of Canada: Standards Council of Canada) was established. Standards Council of Canada as a non-government organizations, promote the adjustment and standardization of Canada, the independent agency is responsible for the enactment of national standards.

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Canada certification for telecommunications equipment Canada (IC: Industry Canada) and from the curator. The handset and wireless communication devices, communication devices can be divided into two kinds. Kinds of wireless communication devices, the I (Category I) and Ⅱ species (Category Ⅱ) separated by the kinds of handsets and wireless devices I of the Canadian industry will be authenticated. Two kinds of wireless communication devices registered with the sex industry standard for technology, if you can sell. Declaration of suitability for industrial castle allows electro magnetic waves.


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ETL Listes Mark affixed to products that meet the criteria of product safety standards means the minimum, the manufacturer's production cycle, from the scene and assess the suitability of the post-management can determine the suitability. Electrical and electronic products exports to the United States are required to obtain a UL Mark must be approved specifications. The legal regulations of the Sure, the United States UL standards in the market without obtaining the approval mark, as well as the buyer is not found, even if sales are not even went to the United States. Mark approval in the United States UL standards have recognized the depth of consumers, insurance risk assessment and certification to be a matter of availability, as well as represent the United States government is suitability.




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CCC (China Compulsory Certification)

China National Quality Supervision Hum quarantine inspection the ratification of the Central Editorial Board for Certification Committee secretary and first match and the goods of export quality certification of China and the China Quality Certification merger (China Quality Certification Center that CQC) to get established, national certification or supervision CQC Committee that in March 2002 with the ratification of the 29th national force responsible for authentication and Shanghai, China, Guangzhou, Qingdao, and has established 11 offices in town. To join the WTO as a certification system to improve the force certification in May 2002 1, China (China Compulsory Certification that CCC) has decided to implement a certification system integration road. This means that the existing CCIB, CCEE and CCC Mark is a macro to replace. Items of the CCC force authentication as safety and quality certification system products that are exported to CQC to take from the CCC mark and can be sold in China. However, to avoid confusion due to change of April 2003 until 30 at the same time, the current standards and criteria for change to take effect. The current force in the receiving certification CQC Certification (CCC Mark attached) and the resource authentication (CQC Mark attachments) is.




PSE's electric and electronic products in Japan to mark system have been applied to the W good electrical products (Dentori Mark, T-Mark) This revised corporate new form is the certification system. DENAN law for electrical products in Japan, the larger Safety Code stipulates that products can be divided into two kinds.


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DIAMOND PS E-specified items (112 items) 3 agency evaluation of the force authentication. Belong to this category, the ACAB (permission has been granted the appropriate rating agencies) must be certified to be from.
Rate this item: electrical safety, electromagnetic testing, factory inspection



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CIRCLE PS E-an unspecified electrical products (340 items) 3 agencies in the evaluation authentication. CIRCLE PSE authentication, but does not attach the label of the customs are not in Japan. In other words, CE is compelled to see, but the concept of the DoC. Rate this item: electrical safety, electromagnetic test



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According to the recommendations of CISPR (now Just Melody) telecommunications and information processing technology in hearing devices by 1985 from 12 in the disturbing wave of tolerance and measurements to establish technical standards, the castle, their friendship and for the industry to prevent interference with the requirements of the request was. The Electronic Industries Association of Japan-related 4 (JEIDA), office machines (JBMA), e-machine (EIAJ), Communication Machinery (CIAJ) under the cooperation VCCI was established.


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SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization)

Saudi Arabia Standards Corporation (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization: SASO) in the 1972 Royal Decree (No. M/10) installed in the castle by the executive government. Same as all the serial numbers and specifications, is not a special category. SASO nature has forced all the specifications. Mark 85 years of the 58th Board of Governors and for the quality system certificate issued by the introduction of the resolution, and in 1986 was to be conducted. Saudi SASO Quality Mark scheme for domestic companies that the products that SSA standards and a system for authentication of the certificate issued for the SASO primarily examine the standards for imports and for about a system to issue a certificate. SSA for the current standards, all products that SSA does not cover standards for items that do not exist in the international standards are decided based.



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CNS (Taiwan national standard), the Taiwan Ministry (NBS) is the enactment of electrical safety standards.
Mark represents the standard match CNS display is conducted by the NBS. Civil engineering, construction, machinery, mining, agriculture, food, wood, and the target is in the field of 22. By 2949 about 540 items of product license is issued. Standards Law and the Rules governing the use of the CNS Mark is prescribed by.

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In July of 1999 in Taiwan, MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs) the RPC (Measures Governing Registration of Product Certification and RPC, including the EMC and Safety is. RPC concept of the EU 93/465/EEC directive Annex on Conformity Assessment Procedures. RPC there divided into 7 modules, and Conformity Assessment, MOEA under BSMI (Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection) shall be determined from the Module Product Stars applied. Applying the module for more information on products are set forth in the BSMI.


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MS (Malaysian Standards)

Malaysia national standards (Malaysian Standards: MS), Malaysia Standard Industrial Research Institute (Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia: SIRIM) is established by. Founded in 1966. Conform to standards to prove that MS Certification Marking Scheme has been conducted


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PSB (Singapore Productivity and Standards Board)

PSB (Singapore Productivity Standards Committee: Singapore Productivity and Standards Board) by the non-profit organization, 1996. April NPB (National Productivity Board) and SISIR (Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research) was established by the merger of the two institutions. The SISIR was established in 1972, the main task is ISO 9000 Certification, Standardization, Product Certification, Consultancy & Training, Technology Support (testing, calibration, product and process design and development, etc.), EMC Center, Food Technology and Biotechnology Center said . The Singapore government in 2002 to 4 in 3rd, all authentication-related organization, delegated to PSB in the test was certified to the subjective.


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PAI (Public Authority for Industry)

National Organization of Kuwait (PAI) production within the country for the products and imported products are regulated. 17 of March 2003, PAI, and the citizens to protect the safety of the ICCP (International Conformity Certification Program) to run and most home appliances, audio and video equipment, etc. are applied to this regulation.


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TSE (Turk Standardlari Enstitusu)

Specifications Turkey Turkish Standards (TS) is the standard Association of Turkey (Turk Standardlari Enstitusu: TSE) by the establishment, will be issued. TS in the yakho to the place of the four-digit number, put a consistent standard. In principle, any of the standard coverage, but the legal standard applied by the Cabinet if these regulations will force the standard. For exports to Turkey in EU member states have to authenticate to the TSE, food, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods such as shoes and textiles and many industrial products are subject to authentication. (Be sure to check whether the export target of the TSE authentication required)